⋙⋙ For Better Riding Experience

⋙ ALLTY 2000 is embedded with an independent daytime running light and two enhanced high power LEDs.

ALLTY 2000 Bicycle Light

⋙⋙ Master Your Cycling Plan

⋙ It is a multi-functional bicycle light powered by two 3.6V 18650 batteries with a maximum output of 2000 lumens.

ALLTY 2000 Bicycle Light Bright

⋙⋙ Aplications

⋙ The high side visibility design can increase the warning effect. ALLTY 2000 is the best choice for both road and trail cycling.

ALLTY 2000 Bicycle Light Rechargeable

⋙⋙ Creative OLED Screen Design

⋙ It can display lighting mode, battery level, and the available running time, to help riders make cycling plan more scientifically.

ALLTY 2000 Bicycle Light Waterproof

⋙⋙ High Efficiency Optical Lens

⋙ It can provide riders with more attention.

Olight Mountain Bike Light

⋙⋙ Removable Battery Pack

⋙ It can keep running for up to 14.5 hours.

Olight RN2000 Bike Light Battery life

⋙⋙  Specification

Olight RN2000 Bike Light Parameter lumen price color