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The Javelot Pro 2 is an ultra-bright long-distance thrower that can be used handheld or as a WML. With a high-performance LED and deep reflector, it provides an unparalleled output of up to 2,500 lumens with a beam distance of 1,050 meters. The dual-stage tail switch allows quick and easy access to basic settings, while the side switch can be used to intuitively cycle  through 4 brightness levels. It also makes a noteworthy WML when paired with the optional dual-button remote switch and mount. The Javelot Pro 2 adopts a replaceable battery pack   (two 5000mAh 21700 batteries) for extended runtimes, which can be easily recharged via the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. The 4-level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch display the battery and brightness status in real time. Its rugged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body comes with anti-slip knurling and allows it to pass with an IPX8   waterproof rating and a 1-meter drop test rating. With its paramount long-distance beam and brighter output, the Javelot Pro 2 is ideal for hunting as well as search and rescue.

The Difference Between Javelot Pro 2 and Javelot Pro


⋙⋙ Javelot Pro 2

⋙ Ultra-bright Long Distance Light

⋙⋙ See Your Target Clearly

⋙ Max 2,500 Lumens with 1,50 meters throw up distance.

⋙⋙ Handle and Mountable

⋙ Besides hloding it your hand, you can also instal it on your long setups with an optional mount.

⋙⋙ Rechargeable Battery Pack

⋙ The 10000mAh separable battery pack can be easily recharged via the USB magnetic charging cable.

⋙⋙ Javelot Pro 2 Desert Camouflage

⋙⋙ Story: Stable Performance Ensured

⋙⋙ Specification


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