Product Details

The Javelot Pro is a dual-switch LED flashlight succeeding the M3XS-UT. It adopts the OLIGHT signature versatile tail switch, functioning as a tail switch, charging port and connection port for a magnetic remote pressure switch. With a bezel diameter of 63mm, a high capacity battery pack, convenient charging system and easy operation, the Javelot Pro is the best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue.


⋙⋙ Powerful performance: Powered by a integrated 25Wh  (two 3500mAh 18650 lithium batteries) rechargeable battery pack

⋙⋙ Two versatile switches:  tail switch  and side switch

⋙⋙ Center LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery level clearly

⋙⋙ Tower-shaped tube body provides comfort and a firm grip;

⋙⋙ Versatile magnetic tail cap: Functioning as a charging port or magnetic pressure switch mount.