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⋙⋙ More Than a Lantern

⋙ Light your home and adventure for your good time.Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Trustworthy Companion

⋙ Bright white light works well as an emergency light in your home.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Adventures with a Light Pack

⋙ Take a trip and keep your gear lightweight. This 3.91-inch tall Olantern Mini weighs only 8.43 oz, making it an easy addition in your backpack.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Capable Camping Light

⋙ Soft and steady 360° light distribution. Suitable for campsite illumination and signaling. A great companion for your journey.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Flexible Hanging Options

⋙ The easy-to use handle also serves as a hanging hook. You can even attach a magnetic hook to it. Carry it, hang it however you want, make it yours.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Night Vision Preservation

⋙ Eye-caring red light, reducing strain on your eyes during night-time use.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Reassuring Runtime

⋙ Built-in 3.7 2000mAh rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 3.5 hours. Up to a 48-hour runtime, always staying ready for your next adventure.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Smart Battery Indicator

⋙ Three-color battery indicator with a motion sensor, revealing the battery life in real time. Bright enough to help locate it in the dark.

Olight lantern flahshlight

⋙⋙ Durable and Stylish

⋙ Sleek design with a robust zinc alloy body. An optimal balance between style and function.

Olight lantern flahshlight


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