Seeker 2 pro is a multifunctional flashlight sold by Olight in Singapore and Malaysia. It is used for daily carrying and searching purposes. Its 3200 lumens of strong light makes it one of the most powerful flashlights for outdoor lighting, and its compact size and rechargeable function are deeply loved by people.


⋙⋙ Unique Experience

⋙ The Seeker 2 Pro is a powerful, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight, providing you a new flagship-level illumination experience.

Olight seeker 2 pro

⋙⋙ Compact and Powerful

⋙ Powered by a single, maximum capacity, (5000mAh) 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery, that helps this light deliver a maximum output of 3200 lumens and offers an incredible max runtime of 12 days.

seeker 2 pro brightest flashlights

⋙⋙ Visual Display Indicators

⋙ The four indicators on the right side clearly display the battery level and the four on the left side display the brightness level.

powerful flashlight

⋙⋙ Power Beyond its Size

⋙ Powered by a single customized 21700 lithium rechargeable battery with an ultra-high capacity of 5000mAh, offers an incredible max runtime of 12 days.

Rechargeable Flashlight

⋙⋙ Suitable L-Dock Included

⋙ The Seeker 2 pro includes a 3.9 ft long 1A magnetic USB cable. The provided L-dock can be fixed on a wall close to a power source for quick and easy access.

search light 3200 lumens